Haskell Hackathon in the world: a completely free, three-day grassroots coding festival organized by Zürich Friends of Haskell. It features fantastic keynotes, hands-on tracks, and of course lots of hacking and socializing!

ZuriHac takes place Friday 18 June — Sunday 20 June 2021.


There is still a lot of uncertainty around the COVID19 pandemic. However, the virtual event in 2020 was a success and we are committed to ensuring ZuriHac also happens in 2021. Depending on how the situation evolves, it may be organized as a physical event at the OST (formerly HSR) campus in Rapperswil, a virtual event, or a hybrid combination of the two.



Emily Pillmore

Emily is a long-time functional programmer, Haskell developer and a member of the Haskell.org committee. She is an independent researcher interested in Homotopy Theory, Category Theory and Topology and recently co-authored a paper about Profunctor optics.

Gabriele Keller

Gabriele is a professor of Software Technology at Utrecht University. Her interests include functional programming (and teaching functional programming), type systems, high-performance computing, and programming language based approaches to verification.