Zürich Friends of Haskell

The Zürich Friends of Haskell is a club founded to foster the worldwide knowledge of functional programming, and Haskell in particular. We organise meetups and events in the Zürich area.

About us

The HaskellerZ meetup group has been around since 2011. After organising many meetups and events, in particular ZuriHac, which attracts people from all over the world, there was a need to formalise our group a bit more.

In the short term, this allows us to work together better with sponsors for ZuriHac. In the long term, however, we would like to guarantee the long-time success of a Zurich-based Haskell interest group, not dependent on one or two key volunteers.

The rules are set up so that we encourage non-monetary contributions (e.g. giving a talk). Of course, membership is optional and not required to attend any of our events.

Become a member!

For members, we ask a yearly contribution of either:

  1. giving at least one talk at the Zurich HaskellerZ meetup,
  2. helping organize ZuriHac in an official role,
  3. serving on the board of directors for the Zurich Friends of Haskell
  4. providing other voluntary work asked for by the board of directors, or
  5. paying a membership fee of 50 CHF (students 25 CHF).

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Last meetup

Martin Huschenbett - Embedding DSLs deeper into GHC

Thursday 29 August, 19:00

Haskell is a great language for building EDSLs, partly due to its capabilities to overload various parts of its syntax. But, what if you want to go further? What if you want custom syntax? Or compile to a custom core language? For the DAML project we had exactly those requirements. In this talk we'll explain how we repurpose GHC to achieve them.

One of our main objectives is to reuse as much of GHC as possible with as few modifications as necessary. In particular, we do not want to touch the type checker since that is a complex and regularly changing part of the compiler. Consequently, changing any of GHC's ASTs is not an option. This desire heavily conflicts with the need to compile our custom syntax to corresponding constructs in our core language. This core language is basically System F plus primitives to define, create, query and archive smart contracts. The key idea to achieve this transportation without changing any of the ASTs is to desugar our custom syntax to standard Haskell constructs and recover them during the final conversion from GHC's core language to our custom core language.

Past meetups


Our main yearly event is the organisation of ZuriHac, a yearly Haskell Hackathon that attracts over 300 attendees. It is probably one of the oldest and definitely the largest Haskell Hackathon currently in existence.

The first ZuriHac was organised in 2010 at the Zürich Google office by Johan Tibell and Christophe Poucet. Currently, we are organising it at the Hochschule für Technik Rapperswil with the help of many Zürich Friends of Haskell members and volunteers.


We try to record all of our meetups and keynotes so Friends of Haskell who are not in the Zürich area can enjoy the content as well.

This playlist contains all our Haskell-related videos.

We have also collected the slides of the presentations in this repository. Unfortunately, the collection is currently incomplete.


Current board members of the Zürich Friends of Haskell association:

Past members: